The Voice of God…no, not that one – that one.

in May 01, 2021

Conferences. Awards. Cermonial events. That voice you can hear but can’t see, introducing speakers and giving you those useful snippets of information about winners. That’s what we in this industry usually think of when we’re talking about the “Voice of God” (and it’s something we’re particularly experienced in handling).

But what about the actual voice of God? Or rather the voice of actual God – as inspired by films and TV shows from over the years – and what’s the best way for someone in our world to get it right?

That’s what this article is about. Let’s see how some voiceover artists are apparently able to walk on water.

A Handful of “Immortal” Characteristics

As far as we know, we can’t aim for a truly “authentic” sound here because no one really knows for certain. This is why we need to transfer his (or her) qualities into the human realm. Some of the main aspects of this voice will include:

  • Authority and power
  • A tone which demands attention
  • Clarity
  • Audible to the ear

Another interesting takeaway point is that these qualities are not necessarily specific to a certain gender. Soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone voices can all be imbued with these qualities. The real challenge is blending them together in such a manner as to make the end result seem believable (within reason, of course) to the listener.

The Importance of the Script

The voice of God will also be influenced by what is actually being spoken as well as the syntax. This is why scripting and initial auditions are very important. After all, even God needs to find the right “groove” from time to time. The duo at Thurston Day are happy to handle this type of voiceover, so you are in truly sublime hands when working in tandem with our team.

Would you like to obtain a free audition in order to better appreciate our breadth of experience? If so, please contact us directly. While God may work in mysterious ways, we provide insight and clarity from the very beginning.