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Emma Thurston and Colin Day

It’s a bit more than a laptop and a duvet….

When we set up our latest studio in 2012, our goal was to recreate the atmosphere and sonics of a top West End voiceover facility.  Our voiceover work is heard on major networks all over the world, so, in terms of sound quality, it’s got to be up there with the very best.  And, because we spend so many hours a day in here, it had to be inspiring to work in.

Not to sound boastful, but, our attitude is: the best, or nothing.

That’s why we believe in Neumann microphones.  A U87 is our choice for both male voiceover and female voiceover recording.  We have a pair which have been hot-rodded by the world’s leading mic technician and Neumann expert, Klaus Heyne.

For punchy promos and Voice-of-God announcements, we sometimes switch to a Sennheisser MKH416 shotgun.  Yes, it’s a location mic but has a unique and rather incredible sound when used close-up.  The favourite of voiceover studios all over the US, but especially on the West Coast.

German mics are unparalleled, but when it comes to pre-amps, we believe in Neve.   In our studio we have a pair British made 1073 DPA and a couple of Neve Portico II channel strips for EQ and compression.  There’s also a Fearn VT1 valve pre-amp here, which is nothing short of incredible when paired with a 416.

We don’t compromise on anything.  Even our AD converters are best in class; Burl B2 Bomber which imparts a lovely hint of analogue tone.

Can you tell how proud we are of our voiceover studio?

The acoustics were designed by Nick Whittaker who’s CV is almost unmatched and his clients include the design of Angell Sound (now Creative Outpost),  BBC World Service, Abbey Road, Codemasters, The Dairy and many more.

If you’ve got any techie questions, please speak to Colin and he will cheerfully answer them.

Whether you need a British female voiceover, a British male voiceover or a combination of the two, we guarantee the recording quality will be as good as it gets.

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