Our Demo Reel Highlights: Part 2

in Mar 01, 2021

Strength, virility and confidence represent some of the traits which tend to be automatically associated with a male voice over. However, we also need to keep in mind that the qualities found within a female voiceover can also be leveraged by a man if he possesses the right amount of training and natural talent for the trade. It should therefore come as no surprise that Colin has proven to be just a versatile as Emma in regards to what he has accomplished for numerous organisations in the past. Let us take a quick look at why he has rightfully earned the nickname as the “UK’s Storyteller”.

Empowering and Inspirational

Many businesses need to remain one step ahead of the competition and in order to achieve this, they require motivational material that serves to inspire on an individual level. The use of a confident and yet empathetic voice enabled Colin to achieve this goal when working for mobile phone company OnePlus as well as British Airways. The end result is a voice-over that not only delivers an epic sense of style, but that serves to define the organisation as a leader in their particular industry.

Punchy and Cool

We should also remember that even technical and financial advertisements can be considered punchy and cutting-edge if they are approached in the correct manner. However, it is just as important to recognise that the speaker needs to be able to identify with the average listener while still conveying what could very well represent rather complicated information. Colin has been able to bridge this seemingly impossible gap when working for Rohm Semiconductors and ING Bank. This results in a trendy voice-over that is down to earth and yet, able to encompass the main takeaway points of the project in question.

Your Voiceover UK Specialists

While Colin and Emma are both professionals in their own right, let’s never forget that their talents can be used in combination if you require male and female voices to be present simultaneously. The best way to learn more is to contact us at your convenience so that we can discuss your options.