More on Our Voices

in Jan 01, 2021

We live within a decidedly digital world. Whether referring to the latest mobile phone app or a flash media presentation, most individuals tend to rely upon visual cues before making important decisions. However, it is an undeniable fact that the human voice is able to provide an organic flavour to what might otherwise be considered a rather dull and anonymous advertising community. This is the very same reason why voice-overs still enjoy prominence within the 21st century. Still, some voices tend to stand out from the crowd thanks to years of training and refinement. The duo at Thurston Day is a perfect example of what you get when quality is combined with second-to-none industry expertise. What makes our voices so unique and why have we been sought out by some of the most well-known names throughout the United Kingdom?

All About Refinement and Continuous Improvement

Even the most brilliant piece of jewellery will dull if it is not polished on a regular basis. In some ways, the same can be said about the human voice. We boast more than 40 years of combined experience within this niche sector and we have constantly sought to refine our talents. Not only does this enable us to take on roles that might be too challenging for other professionals, but such expertise is reflected in every piece we create.

A Powerful Voice-Over “Tag Team”

Another aspect which sets our voices apart is that they have developed in tandem with one another. This provides us with the ability to offer a male voice over, a British female voiceover or a duet if necessary. As with any long-term relationship, we likewise appreciate our nuances when working as a team. We can resonate with one another and just as importantly, the majority of projects may very well be completed in a single day.

There is much more than meets the ear when referring to professional voice-over talent. If you would like to appreciate why we have risen to the top of our game, take a look at our demo samples and of course, contact us for further details.