Memorable British Voiceovers of the Last 50 Years

in Apr 01, 2021

It has often been said that there is something very iconic about the British voice. Of course, some of these voices are more recognisable than others. The past 50 years have ushered in some truly unforgettable personalities and many of us may still be able to remember their unique qualities. Whether referring to a male voice over or a female voice over, there is on doubt that a great deal of talent has emerged. Let’s take a look at some undeniably immortal personalities.

Sir David Attenborough

Arguably the most famous nature advocate on the planet, Sir Attenborough has provided voice-overs for hundreds of television programmes. In fact, his earliest work can be traced as far back as 1951. He is known for curating the BBC Natural History Unit, for producing no fewer than nine natural history documentaries and for providing the voice associated with the Life documentary collection.

Joanna Lumley

Many of us are already familiar with the work of Joanna Lumley even if on a subconscious level. Did you know that she provided the female voiceover for famous AOL phrases such as “Welcome to AOL”, “You have email” and “Goodbye”? She has also provided her voice for numerous commercials; perhaps the most well-known being an advert for Simple skincare products. Ms. Lumley has likewise made her iconic British female voiceover skills known across the airwaves; participating in major productions such as the radio adaptation of A Hitckhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Peter Dickson

This Northern Irish voice-over artist might not be a household name, but this does not signify that his voice is not one of the most recognised throughout the United Kingdom. Mr. Dickson is perhaps most famous for lending his voice to popular programmes such as Ireland’s Got Talent, The X Factor, Family Fortunes, and The Price is Right. He has also specialised in numerous radio campaigns for shows including Downton Abbey, Drink Drive, Euro Millions, and Heinz. It is said that he has voiced more than 30,000 television and radio campaigns.

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