Frequently Asked Questions

Every client is unique. Before we get behind the microphone, we listen. But we do hear some questions more than others, so we've done our best to provide answers to the most popular questions here.

If you have a different one, get in touch and we'll try to advise. Particularly if it's about voiceover work.


How soon can you deliver?

We take great pride in fast service. We know that your voiceover is often the last piece of your creative puzzle, so we are well used to impossible deadlines. Commercials and promos are almost always done and delivered the same day – sometimes within minutes.

As for narration, that can sometimes be same day too. It depends on the length of copy, the time it reaches us and our workload on the day. E-learning epics take a little longer. But we always keep in touch and keep our promises.

If it’s possible to pre-plan, then please drop us a note a few days ahead:

“I’ll need a voiceover next Friday. Will send you the copy at 10-00 – can I get it it back by lunch?”

Get the picture?

But I only need a few lines....

Perhaps you need just a couple of voiceover lines on a presenter driven video. Normally that could get a little expensive. But we take a flexible approach and charge short scripts on pro-rata basis.

You said a bit of this wrong...

Every v/o is carefully checked before it leave here, but in the event of an error you can expect fixes fast and free. We’re not happy until you are, so if the style, pace, tone of voice or emphasis is off track in anyway, then we need to know. We’d much rather give you a completely new take than compromise your vision.

Do you work at live events?

Yes! We’re both skilled at “Voice of God” announcing and have provided voiceovers for many live events in the UK including award ceremonies, conferences and gala dinners. Most often these are pre-recorded but we are also happy to attend the venue of your choice.

How much do you charge?

Our fees are normally based on standard British Equity rates. UK voiceovers often voice commercials at so-called “station rates” and we‚re happy to do so. Generally our rates are in the middle of the industry average.

How do I pay for voiceover work?

Most often, you won’t see a bill for your voiceover work until our part of the job is complete and you’re completely happy. In the UK we accept payment by all the usual methods and for international clients we are happy to accept bank transfers or payment via PayPal to

Where are you based?

We are based in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK. We’re often happy to travel to the studio of your choice. We send our voiceover work all over the world.

Know any Cantonese voiceovers?

Yes! And French, German, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and more. Over the years we’ve built up lots of contacts with quite a number non-English language voiceovers. So if your script needs re-versioning there are a number ways we can help.

Know any other UK-based voiceovers?

Sure! We’re versatile performers but there are times when our clients need something different. Maybe a particular accent or age range. We have a fat contact file of UK voiceovers, so if we can’t help, chance are we’ll know someone who can.

Do you do audio book narration?

Books are about the only thing we don’t do - sorry! However we do supply our voiceover work for commercials, trailers, promos, corporate presentations, explainer videos, apps, animatics, e-learning, event announcing, conferences, telephone, IVR and on-hold, computer games, apps, podcasts and much more. Need a UK voiceover? You’re in the right place!

How long have you two been working together?

Since 2006. That's when we did our first voiceovers together - and we’ve worked as a team every day since.

What are your ethics?

We both try and live a vegan lifestyle, so we never accept projects from companies in the meat or dairy sector.

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