The Voice of God…no, not that one – that one.

in May 01, 2021

Conferences. Awards. Cermonial events. That voice you can hear but can’t see, introducing speakers and giving you those useful snippets of information about winners. That’s what we in this industry usually think of when we’re talking about the “Voice of God” (and it’s something we’re particularly experienced in handling). But what about the actual voice[…]

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Our Demo Reel Highlights: Part 2

in Mar 01, 2021

Strength, virility and confidence represent some of the traits which tend to be automatically associated with a male voice over. However, we also need to keep in mind that the qualities found within a female voiceover can also be leveraged by a man if he possesses the right amount of training and natural talent for[…]

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Our Demo Reel Highlights: Part 1

in Feb 01, 2021

Whether you have been looking for a strong and motivational male voice over or a warm and friendly female voiceover, the husband-and-wife team at Thurston Day are here to help. Still, it is always wise to obtain a “feel” for some of the projects we have tackled in the past. This is why we have[…]

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More on Our Voices

in Jan 01, 2021

We live within a decidedly digital world. Whether referring to the latest mobile phone app or a flash media presentation, most individuals tend to rely upon visual cues before making important decisions. However, it is an undeniable fact that the human voice is able to provide an organic flavour to what might otherwise be considered[…]

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Getting E-Learning Voiceovers Right

in Dec 01, 2020

Distance learning courses are becoming increasingly common, and for good reason. Only only are these sessions convenient for those who might not be able to devote the time to traditional classroom settings, but students can learn at their own pace. From stay-at-home mums to international business professionals looking to further their education, e-learning courses are[…]

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Maximising Your Investment in Voiceovers

in Nov 01, 2020

The average company will devote thousands of pounds to their marketing campaign on a yearly basis. As we all know, a sound investment tends to pay off over time. Voice-overs represent an extremely powerful method to resonate with your target audience while establishing an interpersonal rapport that is often impossible with other digital strategies such[…]

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All About Our Kit

in Oct 01, 2020

There is no doubt that it is impossible to replicate the intricacies associated with the human voice. Anyone who has ever listened to a video with an embedded AI audio element is already aware of how awkward it can be. This is why a quality male or female voiceover is important throughout countless industries. From[…]

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Let’s Talk Voice Styles

in Aug 01, 2020

Your voice is one of your most identifiable and recognisable traits. With any luck, it should last a lifetime. While some individuals such as Sean Connery and Jeremy Irons are known for their acoustic chops, we need to keep in mind that there are times when a certain amount of anonymity is needed when creating[…]

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