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Those who perform an online search using the term “voiceover UK” will encounter thousands of results. Of course, some services are better and more personalised than others. Not only do we bring more than four decades of experience to the table, but we provide flexible solutions based solely around the needs of the client.

Do you require a male voice over to promote a specific product or service? Perhaps a British female voiceover is needed to provide a touch of elegance. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Once the exact requirements are discussed via email or a phone call, we’ll begin the recording process. As we are a husband-and-wife team, many of the tricky aspects associated with two-handed voice-overs are likewise taken out of the equation.

More good news: we have the ability to deal with clients from around the world and there are never any hidden fees. If you would like to schedule a free and fast audition, just get in touch – feel free to send your copy over straight away.

How we work

CALL US (or email us)

Tell us about your project. You might want a custom audition from your text. That's fine. There's no charge.


We work out a fee that's all inclusive.

There are no extras for studio time, editing or sushi.


A chat about style, pace, emphasis, pronunciations and so on. We then record your v/o here, carefully edit and master it - even synch it to your pictures.


You get a broadcast quality file that's showroom ready. Any fixes? Included.

The husband-and wife team at Thurston Day offers second-to-none services when you require voice-over work of the highest calibre. While this is due in part to more than 40 years of combined experience, it is also important to point out that we seek to establish working relationships with every client. This allows us to tackle challenging projects while producing superior results which exceed your expectations. So, what can you expect when working with this dynamic duo and how do we operate?

From Consultation to Finished Voiceover UK Product

Clarity is important from the very start, so we will begin by discussing your options via telephone, email or online conference call. We are even capable of offering a short initial audition at no charge. Once we have established your requirements, we will provide an all-inclusive quotation with no hidden fees or additional charges. We can also address issues such as tonality, pace, style, and emphasis along the way. Whether you require a male voice over or a female voiceover, the ultimate intention is to cater to even the most demanding of needs within a timely manner.

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